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90 Day Phoenix Transformation Buy Bundle (94 videos) 90 Day Phoenix Transformation

The 90-Day Phoenix Transformation is a journey of self-discovery and rebirth! The program is a holistic approach to elevate every facet of your existence. It will guide you as you shed your doubts, burn your excuses, and emerge as a person who truly stands in their power knowing that to embrace the journey, we must continually learn and challenge ourselves. In this program, we will work on both mindset and movement. 

You will take on three physical hard tasks that will challenge your body and your mindset.  In looking at the "Big Picture" we will break down the training into Phases:

Phase One - Reconditioning (4 Weeks) 

Phase Two - Conditioning (4 Weeks) 

Phase Three - Evolution (4 Weeks)  

The Clean Eating Guide will be included in the transformation, as fueling your body is key! 

You will also need access to: 

 - Kettlebell (we will discuss the weight that you need) 

 - Pull Up Bar or Parallel Bars 

 - Journal (one that when you see it, speaks to you) 

 - Protein (if you don't take one I have a company that I think is awesome )

What you will get each week:

  • Weekly email with all your workout links

  • Weekly mindset video with mindset task

  • Mid-week meet with Jodi for either mindset or workout

  • Daily Check-ins 

  • 3 Challenges to perform each month

  • Accountability check-in 

  • Private Group with other members

  • Clean Eat Guide

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CAD $3,150.00