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Not all exercise programs, nutrition programs or nutrition guides are suitable for everyone. So please consult your physician before beginning this or any other exercise, nutrition, or lifestyle program.

This or any other exercise routine is not a diagnosis or cure for any injury or illness. This or any other program, including all of the KBStronger programs are not a diagnosis, cure, or rehabilitation for any injury or illness.

You should always warm up and be cleared for training before beginning any workout, and you should never exercise beyond the level at which you feel comfortable. If at anytime you feel you are exercising beyond your current abilities, or you feel discomfort, you should discontinue exercise immediately. The same applies to the entire set of KBStronger workout and nutrition programs.

If at anytime you feel that this nutrition and lifestyle program is beyond your current abilities or you feel discomfort, you should discontinue the program immediately. The same applies to the entire set of KBStronger workout and nutrition programs.

KBStronger workout programs are an extreme fitness program and should not be attempted by someone who does not meet the minimum fitness requirements discussed in our manual. Specifically the diagnosis of athletic level A, B, or C. Specifically, if you have any knee, shoulder, back, or neck injuries or problems. This warning is not to be ignored or discounted. You should always be cleared for training after any injuries or health issues. There are many alternatives for rehabilitation prior to taking on an exercise program, but this is not one of them. The user assumes all risks of injury in the use of this website and its programs.

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