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Beginner Content :

  • Body Weight Sessions
  • Introductory Kettlebell Kickboxing

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  • Kettlebell Tutorials
  • LIVE/ON Demand Classes 4x Week
  • Exclusive Training Videos (including mobility)

Yearly Warrior Membership

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Subscription to the online training catalog on a yearly basis, plus all three of our Series 1 ABSolute ABS programs. PLUS our NEW Mobility/Movement Program!!


Phoenix Evolution - The Next Chapter

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  • Full Access to our Yearly Membership Content

  • A monthly layout of your workouts based on your individual needs and goals moving forward

  • 3 Weekly Check-ins (We Discuss the Days that Benefit you Best)

  • 1 One-on-One Training Session (Mid Month) 60 MInutes 

  • 2 Mindset Tasks ( First & Middle of the Month)