90 Day Phoenix Transformation 


The 90-Day Phoenix Transformation is a journey of self-discovery and rebirth! The program is a holistic approach to elevate every facet of your existence. It will guide you as you shed your doubts, burn your excuses, and emerge as a person who truly stands in their power knowing that to embrace the journey, we must continually learn and challenge ourselves. In this program, we will work on both mindset and movement. 

April 8 2024 - Get Signed Up

Your 90 Day Phoenix Program 

We will use movement as a gateway into healthy consistent habits to not only create a change today but a change for a lifetime. Mind, Body and Soul work!

Meet Jodi

​​Everything in life I have shared or built has come from hands on experience. I published a best selling memoir October 2023.  In the winter I created the Phoenix program as I wanted to help women rise into their full potential. The training program is based on science regarding the importance of strength, cardio and mobility while the mindset training comes from the tools I used to navigate myself through divorce, building a kettlebell company, managing my personal life and publishing a book! 

Unleash your potential and ignite a transformation that lasts a lifetime. Join a community dedicated to supporting your journey to success. Embrace the challenge and emerge stronger, more confident, and ready to soar.

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