90 Minute Workshop

Connect and meet with Jodi, who at 38 left her marriage and stay at home mom status to venture into a completely different life lane. She will share with you how she pulled herself out of the chaos and guide you  on how to fall back in love with yourself through mindset and movement!

Do you feel lost? Do you look in the mirror and wonder who is staring back at you? Where is that free spirited woman who used to look at the world with wonder...

What do you do when life hits you hard and you ask yourself...

Am I worth it?

YOU are worth your own goals,  dreams, and happiness !!

There is a path of possibility where you can find and create that worth!

Invest in YOU Today!


THE WOMAN YOU REMEMBER IS THERE! It's time to learn how to share your kindness and effort to bring her back ...

Get kettlebell instruction and guidance on how to implement the training tool that helped Jodi navigate her chaos. Learn foundations to go to KBStronger Training Platform with confidence. Learn how to listen and improve your internal dialogue.

The workshop will include:

  • Reading from Jod's Best Selling Book "I Don't Do Vanilla" (Jodi is gifting you your very own signed copy of her book)

  • Open and honest discussion on Self Worth about how to navigate chaos and build RESILIENCE

  • Kettlebell instruction reviewing your basic foundations for online training SUCCESS!

  • AND Coffee of course 



Time to put the colour back into your life with Awareness, Acknowledgement and Action! Time to pick up the pen and write your story how you intended!

What will you leave with:

  • Signed Copy of  "I Don't Do Vanilla" 

  • The feeling of being connected 

  • Foundational Tools to Assist Online

  • Tools to Make That Step Forward to Level Up Your Lifestyle!

Invest in Yourself at Jodi's Next Workshop

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